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Xupo is the Event partner for Maestro de Thrones. Xupo is a wireless tracking device manufactured by Connect-In Ltd.  Put a Xupo on the things you love and keep track of them from your smartphone with the Xupo easy to use app.

Unlock the potential of your everyday things and your smartphone with Xupo®.

Connect-In Ltd. stands for innovative wireless solutions, sustainable development, and state-of-the art design. Our sensors are built to be long lasting and power efficient (lasts 1-4 years on tiny coin cell replaceable batteries) to power the next generation of the Internet of connected Things (IoT).

Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to customise Xupo sensors for their own unique applications from asset tracking in organisations over beacons for indoor navigation to proximity based marketing. An Open API strategy remains at forefront of enabling innovations with Xupo.


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For more information visit: https://www.myxupo.com/