Problem Statement Round 2

The First phase of the Battle has been fought valiantly
Brace yourself for the Second Challenge 


The Ultimate Battle of Supremacy is heating up !!



You have received a letter from the Iron Bank of Braavos to expand your Kingdom !!

Updated Problem Statement for Round 2

(There has been a change in the Economic Power Equation, kindly download again!)

It is important to manufacture the optimum quantity and sell/buy at the right price to be competitive and profitable.

To help you  judge the market conditions , The Iron Bank has provided you a


which is open till 22 Feb 08:00 PM, where the pricing trend can be determined by


in the market which can aid you in estimating the Demand/Supply of the weapons in the market.


If you want to analyse the exact market situations, you should see the:



Iron Bank wants you to


final proposals by 03:00 AM 23 Feb 2017



Refer to FAQ PAGE for more insights !!




Valar Morghulis