About Maestro de Thrones

The Consulting and Strategy club at IMI, New Delhi presents “MAESTRO DE THRONES SEASON 2”, an Online Inter College Competition.

It is based on the theme of the television series “GAME OF THRONES”. The participants will be representing Noble Houses from the series, where they have to strategically build their empire and conquer their enemies with the resources available with them. So, if you feel that you are someone who can outwit the great warriors from various B schools across the nation, this is the best battle ground to prove your mettle.



The event will be completely online for duration of 10 days from 15th Feb-24th Feb entailing 3 rounds. The event would essentially be related to the application of Game Theory in various scenarios. Each round tests the participants’ structured thinking abilities, presence of mind, quantitative skills and the corporate skills related to finance, operations, HR and trading.

The details of each round prior to the start of the round will be updated in this website.



Prizes worth INR 25,000 to be won